WARP Spaces

WARP Spaces

WARP offers a variety of multifunctional spaces ready and available to use for anyone with a project that suits our core: creativity, technology, and innovation.

Our Spaces are for rent for a fair price.


Fake offers about 130m2 of open space that can be used for workshops and events until 23:00.

It offers three beamers on a 12-meter-long projection wall and a complete Soundsystem. It’s also possible to open the ‘bar’ to serve free drinks to your guests. 

360 LAB

The 360LAB is an immersive space covering an entire 360 degrees around the guests with custom projections. 

Using Resolume Arena 6, which is already installed on the 360LAB’s computer, you can upload your own visuals and control them live. 

There is always somebody available to help you utilize the space, or who can make custom visuals for you. 

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