Join the Wintor AR WARP Community Tour!

Hello Dear Warpies!

Some of you know already but I, Leon, work for a super cool Startup in Utrecht called Wintor, our goal is to revolutionize storytelling in augmented reality. As a personal project, I would like to make a tour through the Warp which explains to visitors what is hidden behind all of the doors in this mysterious building. But to do this I need your help, I will make the tour but you need to supply the content.

The app is able to play music, videos, 360 footage, and of course 3d models. If you want to go wild you can even record yourself in front of a green screen, and then I will ensure that your spot contains a virtual version of you! If you need some inspiration or want to see what the app can do please shoot me a message.

The goal is to archive the cool things that are being done in this building, and to have an instant museum tour for when things like Museum Night happen : )

So in short,
If you want to be included in the tour please give me the following things:

  • Name
  • Your title ( DJ.. etc )
  • Picture/Video/ audio / 3d asset of the things you create.

You can email it to:

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