€500,- Subsidy – The Generators Fund is open for applications again [until Feb. 28th]

Do you have a great idea for an art project or event and would like to be considered for a contribution from the Generators Fund? Then this is good news for you! The Generators Fund is open for applications again!

Generators are underground culture makers active in the field of creativity, technology and innovation. Think of activities and initiatives in the field of creative technology, game design, dance, electronic music, avant-garde art and festivals. The growing Generators website offers an overview of the many activities organised by these underground culture makers in Twente.

  • An amount of application round an amount of €500 can be requested by a Generator.
  • These are never personal applications, but always applications for a specific project in which collaboration with at least three other persons or organizations.
  • Generators who want to present orally or apply in writing for a contribution from this fund can apply at maakplaatsen@tetem.nl until 28 February 2023. 
  • Oral applicants will then be given 10 minutes to present their plan in March 2023. The form (see annex) can be completed now and can be submitted until 28 February.
  • The application rounds take place 4X per year according to the availability of money from the fund. 

This Generators Fund application form can also always be found online at generators-space.nl

The Request Form is only in Dutch. If you need help with applying you can send a message to Annebel. I can redirect you to the right people who can help you with applying or help you myself.

Some projects close to WARP that have been granted this subsidy are Spacecast, ITMOTR, and more.

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