Documentary Teaser, out now!

📣 “This place is the only place where I feel safe”, “There is no place like this anywhere else”, “It’s contributing a lot to the culture and wellbeing of people in Twente”

Nachtkantoor and Raya are collaborating on a mini documentary exploring the cultural significance of Spacebar and creative-technology incubator WARP Technopolis through interviews with visitors and stakeholders.

WARP and Spacebar are a magnet for diversity and talent. They encourage creatives to develop, be inspired, and connect with each other. Everyone is welcome here, and no one is excluded.

For many, these spaces are more than just venues for self-expression and creativity. They offer a unique way of life and a sense of family, safety, and belonging. The diversity and freedom offered by these cultural havens are an essential part of Enschede’s identity.

We are all super curious about the final result! The full short-doc won’t be released for a few weeks, but if you want to experience WARP and Spacebar before then, come to Nachtkantoor x Raya on 25-02-2023!

Check out the original post and reactions here:

Shot by: @justushmn and @neyture – Edited by: @neyture –
Music by: @bastianbenjamin9 and @vience96

Interviewees featured in the teaser:

  • DJ / VJ Smiley Crew Enschede: Jay van Ede
  • Bar manager Spacebar: Dion Vluggen
  • Night Mayor Enschede: Annebel Bunt
  • Spacebar Bartender / WARP enthusiast: Simone Dekker
  • Office manager / Administration WARP: Gustav Eckrodt
  • Founder PLANETART (+WARP / SPACEBAR): Kees De Groot
    Municipality of Enschede

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